ABO Gear had its humble beginnings a decade and a half ago in 1995. By the way, ABO stands for... Australian Beach Outdoor.  Our mission was to make outdoor life more comfortable. 


Enjoying the great outdoors with products designed for performance and function was our vision.

We stuck to our dream and from there our ABO Family of products began to grow.   


15 years later our company offices are based in downtown Decatur, Georgia, a stones throw from Atlanta.  Our 50,000 square foot warehouse & fulfillment center fulfillment is located in Murphy, North Carolina. Our manufacturing is done in India & Asia. Our mission has stood the test of time, and it has certainly been an adventure! 


In 2004 we entered the pet market.  With our outdoor focus it was natural progression to provide pets with the same rugged gear. Our experience in using performance fabrics, heavy stitching, and waterproofing came in very handy, and we really had fun designing and testing pet products. 


In 2008 we launched our Natural Products Division.  Since then our mission has been to create Green & Earth Friendly Pet Gear.  Our “ Aussie Naturals” brand was formed by seeing too much synthetic and man-made gear in the marketplace.  By using: jute, wool, cotton, coconut fiber, natural gum rubber and leather in our products, we are ensuring a long and healthy Eco Sustainable future.


In 2010 our Outback Jack line was launched.  Inspired by watching tons of scrap fabric being trucked to landfills, Outback Jack is the embodiment of the “Recycle Revolution” theory.  Fabric that was destined to be dumped in the landfill is given a second life as dog toys, travel bowls, etc.


We test all products with our own dogs and have formed a partnership with Barking Hound Village Foundation (BHVF) in Atlanta. BHVF is an organization that rescues dogs slated for euthanasia in local city and county shelters and gets them into No-Kill rescues across the East Coast.  From Pit Bulls to Chihuahuas, and all manner of dogs in between come through BHVF’s doors, and we test out our products with their ruff and ready dogs.


Our continued pursuit to create products that minimize our carbon footprint, drive us on a daily basis.  If we can make it in a natural material that is functional we do, it’s that simple, so it’s “Good for the Dog: Good for the Planet and Good for the Wallet.”